Steering committee

Thanks to the hard work, dedication of campaign volunteers and generosity of thousands, we’ve achieved more than we ever thought possible, leading us to extend the campaign and raise even more for our beloved K-State!

A letter from the campaign co-chairs

Dear K-State family,

Thanks to the generosity and hard work of the K-State family, we surpassed the $1 billion mark in the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign one full year ahead of schedule. We have proven K-State can achieve more than we ever thought possible, so we are excited to build on this momentum and extend the campaign to raise $1.4 billion by 2020.

K-Staters don’t do things halfway, and we’ve proven that with the ongoing success of this campaign. Innovation and Inspiration is the most ambitious fundraising campaign in the history of Kansas State University. We stand among an elite set of universities who dared to work toward an incredible goal, and we’re going above and beyond what was once thought possible.

This campaign is inspired by our land-grant heritage, our reputation for an extraordinary student experience, innovative research and academics, plus a solid record of significant achievements. The quality of education that we are known for helps us recruit and retain top students, faculty and staff. It helps students who are applying for jobs and graduate schools, doctoral students searching for careers as researchers, and faculty members competing for research grants and funding. It helps us build a robust athletics program that connects alumni to the university and provides a platform to promote the K-State brand.

Generous philanthropic support is absolutely imperative to create and sustain true momentum for K-State to excel in every aspect expected of an institution of higher education. The university generates new knowledge and produces graduates who impact Kansas, the nation and the world, requiring our support today and for generations to come.

We believe in K-State’s vision for success, and we believe in the hard work and generosity of the K-State family to get the work done — on campus and beyond. Along with the members of the campaign steering committee, and many other alumni and friends who have signed on as campaign volunteers, we are proud to put our shoulders to the wheel to raise $1.4 billion for Kansas State University.

We encourage your consideration of how you will make a difference at K-State and invite you to join us in supporting Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas State University.


With K-State pride,

Rand and Patti Berney
Dick and Mary Jo Myers

Your Campaign Co-Chairs


Steering committee

Rand and Patti Berney
McKinney, Texas

Dick and Mary Jo Myers
Arlington, Virginia

Lee Borck
Manhattan, Kansas

Dixon and Carol Doll
San Francisco, California

Paul and Sandra Edgerley
Brookline, Massachusetts

Gary and Peggy Edwards
Houston, Texas

Dave and Ellie Everitt
Bettendorf, Iowa

Mike and Becky Goss
Westport, Connecticut

Carl and Mary Ice
Westlake, Texas

Jim and Laura Johnson
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Steve and Cathy Lacy
Des Moines, Iowa

Warren and Mary Lynn Staley
Avon, Colorado

Mary Vanier
Manhattan, KS