Supporting the K-State Alumni Association through the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign

Since its inception in 1874, the K-State Alumni Association has played a key role in fostering the family spirit from the student’s journey toward graduation to the alumni experience after graduation. Today, the Alumni Association remains committed in its mission to serve as the “Link for Life” to thousands of alumni and friends who are passionate about the K-State family and want to stay connected with the university. We take great pride in being recognized as one of the leading alumni associations in the country for the percentage of graduates who are members.

Funding priorities: $18 million

Through the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign, we will raise $18 million for the K-State Alumni Association to benefit four areas: programmatic support, student success, Alumni Center endowment, and excellence funds to support emerging needs. As dedicated and loyal alumni, you have made our Alumni Association one of the best in the world, and we thank you.

Student success: $3.15 million

Financial resources are a challenge for many students and it impacts their ability to even attend college. Raising funds to provide scholarships is a priority for Kansas State University and the Alumni Association. Through the support of our loyal alumni around the country, the Alumni Association has been able to provide $300,000 annually in student scholarships. Many students have said their Alumni Association scholarship made the difference in their choice to attend K-State versus another university. It certainly adds to the family experience and feeling welcomed. Your gifts will help students turn their dreams into reality.

Faculty development: $250,000

With your investment, we will establish endowment funds to support recognition of outstanding faculty research and teaching that will further enhance the educational experience at K-State.

Facility enhancement: $4.1 million

Standing proudly on the south edge of campus, the Alumni Center serves not only as the gateway to campus but also as a place for alumni to call home when returning to campus. Each year we have more than 700 events and more than 50,000 visitors at the Alumni Center. It has more than met its mark: the Alumni Center serves as a meeting place for campus and community groups, study and gathering space for students, the perfect setting and accommodation for special events, home to a cherished collection of K-State memorabilia and office space for the Alumni Association staff. The Alumni Center impacts the ability for staff to reach thousands of alumni, students and friends each year. Your help with an endowment to the Alumni Center will ensure that the Alumni Center thrives as a home for many future generations of K-Staters.

Excellence funds: $10 million

Through Tradition Founders, gifts from alumni and friends of K-State help the Alumni Association maintain its level of excellence. Your investment in excellence will support the Alumni Association’s overall programming initiatives and enable the staff to maintain popular programs and benefits that have sustained the test of time. Your support enables us to help you stay connected through timely and interesting communications, special events and helpful services, meeting the areas of greatest need while addressing new opportunities.

Programmatic support: $500,000

The Alumni Association administers programming and benefits that are enjoyed by all generations of the Wildcat family — from newborns to current students, from young alumni to senior alumni and from faculty and staff to loyal friends who have developed a passion for the Purple Pride. Programs like Distinguished Young Alumni, Multicultural Awards and the Fellows Program help our constituents develop professionally and establish lifelong connections that continue to enrich their lives. We recognize and reward achievements and provide alumni with the opportunity to engage and learn from each other. We also take great pride in serving as the guardian and keeper of many traditions that have shaped and preserved the family culture of the university for many generations. Your contributions will help us sustain and enhance these programs for future generations.

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