Support the College of Education through the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign

The College of Education is a recognized leader in professional development, academic advising and military education, as well as holding the distinction of producing more teachers than any of the other 24 professional education programs in the state.

Funding priorities: $15 million

Through the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign, we will raise $15 million for the College of Education to advance us toward our 2025 goals and to benefit five areas: students success, faculty development, programmatic support, facility enhancement and excellence funding to support emerging needs.

Student success: $10.6 million

College is expensive, and costs are on the rise. The ability of pre-service teachers to pay for college during their student-teaching semester is especially difficulty as they are discouraged from being employed while having to pay for living expenses and purchasing a professional wardrobe. Scholarships will also help pre-service teachers participate in education organizations by attending professional meetings and conferences, conducting research, making academic presentations and pursuing opportunities that will ultimately enhance their ability to teach. 

Faculty development: $2.1 million

Quality faculty members are at the core of student success and program growth. With an emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teachers, the ability to attract, hire and retain these sought-after professionals is vital. Offering endowed faculty positions allows us to do that while fulfilling K-State’s goal of being a top 50 public research university by 2025. The best and brightest students will be effectively challenged and mentored when we attract, retain and intellectually stimulate the most knowledgeable and engaging faculty.

Programmatic support: $1 million

Philanthropic gifts are the cornerstone of program enhancement and new program development designed to advance teaching, research and outreach. The College of Education has several programs worthy of support including service-learning/civic engagement programming and the Office of Innovation and Collaboration. 

Facility enhancement:  $1 million

Students learn best in spaces equipped with the tools needed to succeed. Access to the latest technology not only helps pre-service teachers with their coursework, it also better prepares them for their classrooms.

Excellence funds: $300,000

Excellence funds provide deans and administrators with flexible resources to meet areas of greatest need as well as emerging opportunities. For example, excellence funds may support specific needs in curriculum areas, lectures, symposia and professional development for students and faculty.

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Ripples of change

Lee and Barbara Harris create scholarship for future teachers.

A chance to rise

Scholarship supports College of Education students during their student-teaching semester.

Investing in the future

Gib and Brenda Compton, a generous K-State couple.