Supporting the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering through the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign

In the K-State Engineering family, we fuel success with gifts from alumni and friends like you. It might be a national win for a student team sponsored through private philanthropy. Maybe it’s a competitive faculty hire supported by an endowed fund. In spring 2016, it meant cutting the ribbon on the addition to our engineering complex. You can help us produce the engineers needed for record-high workforce demands.

Funding priorities: $200 million

Through the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign, we will raise $200 million for the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering to support five areas: student success, faculty development, facility enhancement, programmatic support and excellence funds to support emerging needs.

Student success: $43 million

What does it mean to fuel success? It means preparing graduates to be engineering leaders, problem solvers, entrepreneurs and involved citizens. That starts during high school recruiting, when our facilities, faculty and extracurricular opportunities compete to attract highly motivated students. It continues through freshman and sophomore years, when we mentor, tutor and engage our students to excel. For upperclassmen and graduate students, it’s professional development opportunities through teaching, collaborative learning, research and peer tutoring. We all experience K-State differently and no two journeys are alike. But we all recognize the investments behind our story and can help someone else write their next chapter.

Faculty development: $21 million

Why do we invest in faculty development? It enhances our national reputation, rewards and retains high achievers and broadens our worldview to maintain relevance in a global marketplace. Professors hold the key to a more innovative, challenging experience to engage even the brightest minds. Very often, they are the inspiration for students to believe in themselves, challenge themselves and persist through even the most difficult disciplines. In short, we enhance our college recruitment, retention and reputation when we invest in our faculty.

Facilities enhancement: $20 million

Together we can ensure our learning environments are on par with the superior quality of our educational programs. With your support, we will create an ecosystem to foster creative thinking and inspire new discoveries. Cutting-edge learning environments allow us to optimize our teaching approach, integrating classroom presentations, research and real-world experiences. We want to facilitate peer leadership, global experiences and project-based learning. We need to engage with other disciplines across campus, prospective K–12 engineering students, and academia and industry worldwide. Through your support, we can achieve all this and more.

Excellence funds: $111 million

Excellence funds provide deans and administrators with flexible resources to finance emerging priorities and meet areas of greatest need. The variety of needs that may arise across the college could include support for cultural experiences, student team travel, academic lectures, faculty training or facilities maintenance. Excellence funds impact student success, faculty development, programmatic support and facility enhancement. These funds are critical to supporting the college’s national reputation as a leader engaged in significant global issues.

Programmatic support: $5 million

How do we capture and hold interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics from an early age? The answer is programming. With investments in K–12 outreach, we train teachers to integrate engineering concepts in their curriculum. We ignite a love of engineering across a broader group of young students who may never consider it otherwise. At the college level, we introduce distinguished academic leaders through our National Academy of Engineering Lecture Series. Programs like Scholars Assisting Scholars, Women in Engineering and the Multicultural Engineering Program provide additional opportunities for students to feel engaged and to inspire each other.

Give now

Make an online gift to the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering, or support your favorite area of the college by contacting Dana Hunter, senior director of development, at 785-775-2087 or


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A gift from Greg and Mamie Case is helping tomorrow's risk management leaders.

A visionary gift

Dolese Bros. Co. give $70 million to K-State engineering.

Lifetime of giving

Peggy and Gary Edwards create an enduring legacy at K-State.

Expanding horizons

Garmin executive Dr. Min Kao gives $1 million to K-State engineering expansion.

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