K-State Olathe

Support K-State Olathe through the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign

K-State Olathe is a new kind of campus. It is a dynamic, interdisciplinary and innovative environment that is here to collaborate with business and make an impact on economic development in Johnson County and the region. Business and individuals are demanding applied, just-in-time education, research and development. K-State Olathe is stepping up to meet their needs.

Funding priorities: $2.5 million

Through the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign we will raise $2.5 million for K-State Olathe to advance us toward our 2025 goals and to benefit four areas: student success, faculty development, programmatic support and an excellence fund to support new and emerging needs.

Student success

Project awards and special scholarships will help attract diverse, high-quality and inventive students. Due to the unique mission of K-State Olathe, a student may be someone seeking a graduate degree, engaging in a workshop, or developing their skills to add value to their current jobs and business.

Faculty development

The heart of an institution is its researchers and instructors. The ability to recruit and retain the most prestigious talent requires competitive salaries and technical resources. And endowed fund to use for awards and grants for faculty at the Olathe campus will attract visionary minds with novel ideas to do business-centric projects that engage students and industry in creative solution finding.

Give now

Make a gift to K-State Olathe by contacting Sheila Walker, AVP of collegiate development, at 785-775-2050 or sheilaw@ksufoundation.org.