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Supporting Kansas State Polytechnic through the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign

At Kansas State Polytechnic, we take pride in our land-grant mission. Through project-based learning and real-world student training, we connect education with industry in our own region and around the world. Every day, our innovative faculty challenges what higher education can be. This is how our campus supports K-State’s strategic plan to become a top 50 public research university by 2025.

Funding priorities: $20 million

Through the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign, we will raise $20 million for Kansas State Polytechnic in support of our 2025 goals and to benefit five areas: student success, faculty development, programmatic support, facility enhancement and excellence funds to support emerging needs.

Student success: $13 million

Many K-State Polytechnic students enter technology, manufacturing and flight careers that take them around the world. Even when travel is not required, the modern marketplace demands global understanding. If our students are to be globally-minded citizens, our learning environment and opportunities must prepare them.

How do we empower students from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams at Kansas State Polytechnic and excel in their field after graduation? Your investment can provide access and affordability, ensuring finances are no barrier to opportunity. Best of all, your investment can create long-term support for generations of students on our campus. With your help, Kansas State Polytechnic will increase not only the quantity of students, but the quality of the student experience.

Faculty development $2 million

Highly recognized public research universities are agile and up-to-date. To join that elite group of universities, we must keep our programs fresh and relevant. We have introduced new academic options like professional master of technology, airport management and unmanned aerial systems. We must also introduce new faculty — high achievers who will further develop our national reputation and enhance the student experience.

Your investment in this area can attract and retain the brightest academic minds. With your help, our faculty will have the tools and training to engage students and keep programs relevant. Very often, faculty serve as the link between students and the world. Faculty members are one of the most significant drivers of K-State’s national reputation through research presentations, publications, collaborations and training the next generation of researchers within our student body. In light of this, endowed gifts for faculty are one of the most critical investment opportunities available today at Kansas State Polytechnic.

Facility enhancement: $2 million

Kansas State Polytechnic is located on grounds formerly used by the U.S. Air Force. We have a rich history of serving the Salina community as the Schilling Institute, later Kansas Technical Institute, then Kansas Technical College and finally Kansas State University. While there have been some facilities updates since that time, there is still much work to be done.

With our campus proximity to one of the longest runways in the country and our flight program ranked among the best in the nation, our facility needs include ensuring our aircraft fleet is the safest, most advanced available. We must modernize our buildings to fully serve the needs of a growing student population. In particular, our buildings must be brought into full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act to create easier access for all students.

Construction of an Advanced Sciences Laboratory and an Unmanned Aerial Systems Laboratory will meet the needs of core classes as well as one of our newest, most in-demand programs. With support from alumni and friends like you, Kansas State Polytechnic will develop a learning environment that enhances the student experience, inspires faculty and drives progress toward becoming a top 50 public research university by 2025.

Excellence funds: $2 million

Excellence funds give Kansas State Polytechnic versatility in responding to the demands of students, faculty, facilities and competition teams. Flexible resources are critical to meet areas of greatest need as well as emerging opportunities. If Kansas State Polytechnic is to continue growing and helping students excel in their fields, excellence funds will play a significant role.

Programmatic support: $1 million

Your investment in programming will improve the quality of student life. It will enhance competition teams and empower them to continue their record of success. With your help, we will further improve our outreach locally and regionally and ensure that the Salina campus offers an excellent, well-rounded collegiate experience. 

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