Veterinary Medicine

Support the College of Veterinary Medicine through the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University is dedicated to scholarship through innovation and excellence in teaching, research and service to promote animal and human health for the public good. We are committed to creating an environment that is fulfilling and rewarding, being recognized for good communication, productive collaboration, mutual respect, diversity, integrity and honesty.

Funding priorities: $55 million

Through the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign, we will raise $55 million for the College of Veterinary Medicine in support of our 2025 goals and to further benefit five areas: student success, faculty development, facility enhancement, programmatic support and general excellence funding to support emerging needs.

Student success: $18 million

Your generosity has allowed us to provide significant levels of scholarship support for deserving students. However, we remain challenged to keep pace with the increasing costs of delivering a high-quality educational experience. Veterinary students graduate with an average student loan debt of $150,000. Scholarship support will improve our ability to recruit competitively and allow our graduates to invest in and build their practices and businesses without the huge burden of student debt. Scholarship support, both for immediate use and for endowment, is one of the highest priorities for the college.

Faculty development: $5 million

Faculty is at the heart of our college. They are caring mentors, deeply committed to the success of the students. They are acclaimed scientists who are known for research contributions to their fields of expertise. They are determined problem solvers taking on critical issues and applying practical solutions that improve lives on a global scale. Your participation can support endowed faculty positions, which provide a powerful way to attract and retain eminent scholars who care about nurturing students, creating new knowledge and serving society.

Facility enhancement: $5 million

To continue to recruit and train the best veterinary students, we need to modernize and improve our facilities and technologies. Also, to take advantage of research opportunities, we need to expand and improve our facilities for Animal Bio-Safety Level 2 (ABSL-2) investigations. This expansion project would allow for K-State’s elite team of researchers to perform more cutting-edge research and facilitate retaining quality faculty and attracting top graduate students. Ultimately, this will contribute to the university’s goal of becoming on of the top 50 public research institutions by 2025.

Programmatic support: $5 million

Excellence funds: $22 million

Excellence funds allow the college the flexibility to take advantage of unexpected opportunities. Whether this is to attract or retain a high-level faculty member, recruit an outstanding student, provide recognition for outstanding teachers, researchers or technicians, these gifts are important to our future success.

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Donor's generosity provides care for shelter animals and opportunity for K-State veterinary students.

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Gib and Brenda Compton, a generous K-State couple.

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The Vanier family makes the largest private gift in K-State history.