Campaign News

Many K-Staters have already made gifts to the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign and have helped to advance K-State's strategic plan to become a top 50 public research university by 2025. Below are just a few of the stories of our loyal donors and why they choose to give. To read even more stories about K-State donors, visit the KSU Foundation's website.

Virginia Carlson
Nourishing minds

Mark and Sue Carlson honor his mother with investment in Hale Library. Read more. 

A home for everyone

AbdulRasak and Alicia Yahaya support the Morris Family Multicultural Student Center at Kansas State University. Read more. 

A transformational investment 

Carl and Melinda Helwig invest in naming the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at Kansas State University. Read more. 

A lifetime of learning and adventure 

Cy and Carmen Elting want to help others experience education at home and abroad. Read more

Band together supporting students 

Six Pride of Wildcat Land alumni established a scholarship to honor former band leader Phillip Hewett and support drum majors. Read more. 

ICE 24 named faculty
Investing in Carl R. Ice College of Engineering faculty

Carl R. Ice College of Engineering awards 24 named faculty positions under matching initiative. Read More.

Keeping close to kin and K-State

Kids and grandkids create a scholarship to honor Tracy and Mary Sandow. Read more.

The show that changed lives

Dusty Joe Garner-Carpenter and his husband, Ryan Garner-Carpenter, created an excellence fund for the LGBTQ Resource Center to offset the costs of counseling services for students. Read more.

Sunderland Foundation invests in Innovation Lab
Investing in innovation

The Sunderland Foundation invests in K-State Libraries' innovation lab to create access to new technologies for K-Staters. Read more.

Mike and Lynn Wiegers
Commitment to excellence

Mike and Lynn Wiegers invest in naming the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Kansas State University. Read more.

Butler gift to K-State Libraries Special Collections
Butler Family Foundation supports K-State Libraries

Family creates a transformational gift to advance K-State Libraries’ digitization efforts. Read more.

Pat Bosco
Honoring Pat Bosco the best way possible

A generous donor has created 30 scholarship match opportunities to honor the man who has impacted so many K-Staters. Read more.

Kansas State University's Innovation and Inspiration campaign surpasses $1.4 billion
Kansas State University's Innovation and Inspiration Campaign surpasses $1.4 billion

Thanks to the generosity of K-State family, the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign surpassed $1.4 billion in May.Read more.

Providing opportunities for the future, honoring the past

Margaret Bridgwater ’81, uses matching funds to donate to the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering in memory of her late husband, Jeff Bridgwater ’81. Read more.

Paul and Sandra Edgerley
Transformational gift advances college strategic plan

Paul and Sandra Edgerley invest $20 million to advance College of Business' strategic plan. Read more.

Pam and Alan Hunt
Investing in a unique program

Pamela and Alan Hunt create an excellence fund for the bakery science and management program. Read more.

Bruce and Nancy Peters
Giving back the Wildcat way.

Bruce and Nancy Peters created funds for the chemistry and finance departments. Read more.

Parks family
Setting a foundation of success

Diane and Tim Parks use matching funds to provide financial assistance to students in the College of Human Ecology. Read more.

Jan and Alan Levin
Legacy gift creates lasting benefits

Alan and Jane Levin invest in the naming of the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering. Read more.

Dr. Sambhudas Chaudhuri
Stepping up at a moment’s notice

Members of the Geology Advisory Council created a scholarship with a matching donation from Mary Vanier to honor Dr. Sambhudas Chaudhuri. Read more.

AMy Guerich
Inspired to help Wildcats succeed

Amy Guerich creates a fund to provide financial assistance to faculty. Read more.

Larry Ganong
From our family to yours

Dr. Larry Ganong and Dr. Marilyn Coleman created a family matching scholarship for graduate students researching family transitions. Read more.

McHarv Thumbnail
Supporting the art of education

Clay Harvey and Patty McGivern donate funds to support the School of Music, Theatre and Dance. Read more.

Innovation and Inspiration Campaign surpasses $1.3 billion milestone
Kansas State University's Innovation and Inspiration Campaign surpasses $1.3 billion milestone

Thanks to the generosity of K-State family, the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign surpassed $1.3 billion in December. Read more.

Bolton Family
A family honor

John and Susan Bolton's children named a scholarship in their honor to benefit students in K-State's College of Veterinary Medicine. Read more.

Joan and Vern Herbel
The gift of success

Vern and Joan Herbel establish K-State Family Scholarship match funds for College of Business Administration students. Read more.

Doug and Sabrina Kruse
Creating opportunities

Doug and Sabrina Kruse establish K-State Family Scholarship match funds for College of Agriculture students. Read more.

Hale Library
Hale rising

Donors contribute to vital renovations to Hale Library. Read more.

Wentz  Harrington
Connecting the past to the future

Elisabeth Wentz-Harrington and Doug Harrington use matching funds to create scholarship for College of Engineering. Read more.

Lindy Bell
Sharing a love of art

Lindy Bell shares his love of art by giving to name the art department head position at Kansas State University and donating his art collection. Read more.

Marshall and Kathleen Short
Opportunity to pay it forward

Marshall and Kathleen Short use matching funds to provide financial assistance to students in the College of Engineering. Read more.

Debra and Jim Gordon
The ripple effect of giving

Phil and Mardi Crandall use matching funds to create scholarship for human ecology students. Read more.

Debra and Jim Gordon
Providing opportunities for students

Debra and Jim Gordon use matching funds to provide financial assistance to students in the apparel and textiles program College of Human Ecology. Read more.

Kathy Martin
Promoting Teaching Excellence 

Kathy Martin has created a K-State Family Scholarship for students in the College of Education. Read more.

Dave and Ann Braun
The Inventor Award

Dave and Ann Braun created an award for student inventors enrolled in the College of Engineering. Read more.

Lowell and Stacy Kohlmeier
Continuing a Cycle of Excellence

Lowell and Stacy Kohlmeier use matching funds to provide financial assistance to students in the College of Arts and Sciences. Read more.

Steve and Donna Logback
Honoring a true Wildcat

Donna Logback, with help from family and friends, created a scholarship to honor her late husband, Steve Logback. Read more.

Mike and Elaine Jacobson
Advancing STEM fields

Elaine and Mike Jacobson created a scholarship for students studying STEM fields. Read more.

Roy and Miriam Milleret
K-State parents honored with scholarship

The children of Roy and Miriam Milleret create a scholarship to support science students. Read more.

Habiger Family
Honoring a family heritage

Rob and Celeste Habiger created the Habiger Heritage Fund to honor their family's K-State heritage. Read more.

Kelly and Marcie Lechtenberg
Protecting food production

Drs. Kelly and Marcie Lechtenberg honor two K-State professors by investing in food animal research. Read more.

Jim and Kathy Haymaker
Supporting students who "Dare To Dream"

Jim and Kathy Haymaker have created a scholarship in honor of Dean Amit Chakrabarti’s late father named the “Raghunath Chakrabarti Dare to Dream Scholarship.” Read more.

Tim and Sharon Taylor
Giving back with an eye to the future

Tim and Sharon Taylor give to name the Tim Taylor Department of Chemical Engineering. Read more.

Helping students succeed 

Michael and Karla Mohrman use matching funds to create a scholarship for K-State engineering students. Read more.

Connie Satzler: Honoring her husband while providing more opportunities for students 

Connie Satzler established a scholarship for the College of Engineering to honor her late husband, while hoping to give more students opportunities to attend K-State. Read more.

Transforming the Environment: One K-State Civil Engineer at a Time

The Anthony D. and Richard A. Fornelli Engineering Faculty Fund is to be used to recognize one outstanding faculty member with the Fornelli Engineering ProfessorshipRead more.

Bob Campbell
Investing in the future 

Robert E. Campbell gave $1 million to K-State's College of Business Administration to support the college and its new building. Read more.

Drs. Judy and Randy Norton
Investing in future veterinarians 

Drs. Judy and Randy Norton establish a scholarship to promote excellence in veterinary medicine at K-State. Read more.

Brian Paulson and friend at K-State football game
A meaningful way to contribute

Brian Paulson established his Ice Family Scholarship as a meaningful way to contribute to current and future students in the College of Engineering. Read more.

Laura and Jim Johnson
C2FO partners with K-State computer science

Global financial technology company, C2FO, creates partnership with Kansas State University's computer science department. Read more.

Laura and Jim Johnson
Family tradition of investing in K-State engineering

Jim and Laura Johnson name the GE Johnson Department of Architectural Engineering and Construction Science. Read more.

Bob and Betty Tointon
Leadership and generosity

Alumni Bob and Betty Tointon give two substantial gifts to Kansas State University. Read more.

Brian P. Corrie
Honoring a passion for landscape architecture

Nancy Corrie created a scholarship to honor her son's academic and professional passion. Read more.

Don and Carol Kissinger
Honoring their groundwork

Carol and Don Kissinger made a gift to the Department of Political Science to support where their careers started. Read more.

Ike and Letty Evans
The secret to success

A desire to help students succeed inspired Ike and Letty Evans to invest in the Academic Success Center in the College of Engineering. Read more.

Rex and Fran Beach: Helping students find their passions

Rex and Fran Beach establish a scholarship for the College of Arts and Sciences as part of the K-State Family Scholarship match program. Read more.

An honorable gift

K-State alumnus contributes to A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications Honors Program Fund. Read more.

engineering gifts
Transformational investments

Three couples give $22 million to the College of Engineering. Read more.

kinesiology faculty
Group effort

Six Department of Kinesiology faculty create a scholarship for their students with matching funds. Read more.

Family tradition

The Hale family contributes to the library renovation project at Kansas State University. Read more.

Kathy and Max Martin: A commemorative gift

Kathy and Max Martin created a scholarship for members on the cheer squad through the K-State Family Scholarship matching program. Read more.

The Suder Foundation
A catalyst for first-generation student success

The Suder Foundation gives to create First-Generation Center for Student Success at K-State. Read more.

Duane and Marilyn Waldo: Part of something meaningful

Duane and Marilyn Waldo use the matching program to create a scholarship in College of Architecture, Planning and Design. Read more.

Enhanced experience

Philanthropy fuels a much-needed expansion and update to McCain Auditorium. Read more.

Multiplied benefits

By investing in faculty, Mike and Becky Goss help advance K-State faculty and students. Read more.

Judy and Gary Wurdeman: A perfect fit that inspired giving 

Judy and Gary Wurdeman established their first scholarship as part of the K-State Family Scholarship matching program. Read more.

Encouraging potential 

K-State alumnus Rex Klaurens creates a scholarship in honor of his parents for students in STEM. Read more.

Steve and Kristen Swanson: Paying it forward

K-Staters create two scholarships for current and future Wildcats. Read more.

Jimmy Counts: Contributing to students’ academic futures

Inspired by his parents, K-State alumnus, Jimmy Counts, established a scholarship as part of the K-State Family Scholarship match program. Read more.

Bill and Elaine Gross: Giving students wings

Bill and Elaine Gross use matching funds to create a scholarship for K-State Polytechnic students. Read more.

Craig and Carolyn Swann: Giving back to their alma mater

K-State alumni, Craig and Carolyn Swann, give back to the university to provide more opportunities for students and to leave a profound legacy. Read more.

Dr. Mike Evans
A winding route to K-State and Philanthropy

Dr. Mike Esau and family use matching funds to create a K-State Family Scholarship for veterinary medicine students. Read more.

Ray Navarro and Marching Band
Ray Navarro finds purpose in the Pride of Wildcat Land

Ray Navarro began with a small gift to help buy marching band uniforms and his K-State family legacy has grown since. Read more.

Academic Success Center
Halliburton Foundation: Enhancing educational opportunities

In support of opportunities for student success, the Halliburton Foundation provided grants to the College of Engineering, contributing toward the Academic Success Center and the Women in Engineering program. Read more.

Innovation and Inspiration Campaign passes $1.1 billion
Innovation and Inspiration Campaign surpasses $1.1 billion milestone

Innovation and Inspiration Campaign surpasses $1.1 billion mark in December. Read more.

Denise and Chuck Warta
An inspired K-State Family Scholarship

Chuck and Denise Warta create a scholarship to give students access to the College of Agriculture and the world beyond. Read more.

Carl and Mary Ice, Bill Snyder Stadium
Giving to the highest K-State family priority

Carl and Mary Ice provide matching funds for 30 K-State scholarships. Read more.

Making their direct impact 

Kris and Frank Cappo use matching program to help students in the College of Human Ecology. Read more.

Steve and Donna McKinnis: Carrying the K-State Family Forward

Steve and Donna McKinnis give back through gift to the College of Engineering dean’s excellence fund. Read more.

Dennis Hemmendinger and Sue Maes
Legacy of Learning

A scholarship to increase adult learners' access to higher education and K-State's Global Campus. Read more.

John and Jeanette Toney
Providing opportunities for all

K-State couple uses matching gifts to help students in the College of Agriculture. Read more.

Melody Millick Aldrich: Onaga native creates scholarship for area business students

Millick family honors Leslie F. and Romaine Dodds Millick with entrepreneurship scholarship. Read more

Sinn-Bever family
Honoring her parents

Melinda Sinn uses matching program to create scholarship in honor of her parents. Read more.

Mary Vanier
Taking care of family

Mary Vanier gives gift to launch the K-State Family Scholarship Program. Read more.

Tuffys Pet Foods
Advancing pet food program at K-State

Tuffy's Pet Foods invests in K-State's pet food science program. Read more.

Family board
K-State Family Scholarship Program

New matching gift initiative helps current and future students. Read more.

Steve and Cathy Lacy give to three K-State programs

K-State couple supports faculty, students and programs in the Colleges of Human Ecology and Business Administration. Read more.

2017 Fall Trustees
Trustees: K-State advocates, ambassadors and investors

New trustees elected for Kansas State University. Read more.

Duane and Bonnie Saunders further their support of K-State's Office of Military and Veteran Affairs

Family partners to assist post-service soldiers and their families effectively renegotiate their places in American society. Read more.

Ashok Reddy, BETSOL
BETSOL: Helping build confident scholars

Company founded by K-State alumnus supports College of Engineering's Computer Science Scholars Program. Read more.

Mark and Brenda Brown
Mark and Brenda Brown: Contributing toward success

Mark and Brenda Brown give back to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in hopes of enhancing opportunities for students and faculty. Read more.

Mary and Carl Ice
Ice family invests in Kansas history and rural studies

Carl and Mary Ice have given a gift to support Chapman Center for Rural Studies and Kansas History: Journal of the Central Plains. Read more.

Mike and Lynn Wiegers: Investing in the future of electrical engineering students

Mike and Lynn Wiegers hope to support students earning a higher education by establishing multiple funds. Read more.

Mark and Kim Young: Enhancing research opportunities

Mark and Kim Young give back to the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry in hopes of creating more research opportunities for students. Read more.

Fred and Esther Stiers: Returning the favor 

Fred and Esther Stiers created a scholarship for engineering students in reflection of their own time at K-State. Read more.

Phyllis Kissick: Four scholarships that honor and reflect 

Scholarships were created to recognize the life of Kissick's late husband, Colonel Luther Cleveland Kissick, Jr. Read more.

FY 17 Release 
An Outstanding Year: KSU Foundation Announces $152.6M in Fundraising in Fiscal Year 2017

This years fundraising results mark fiscal year 2017 as the second most successful year in the university's historyRead more.

Harold Lonsinger: Supporting sustainability research at K-State

The Harold and Olympia Lonsinger Sustainability Research Farm will focus on sustainable agricultural practices and soil conservation, reclamation and protectionRead more.

Dave and Ellie Everitt: Investing in Student Access to Resources

Dave and Ellie Everitt give lead gift to renovate Hale Library’s first floorRead more.

K-State Proud, Students on the Quad 
K-State Proud: Students Helping Students with 43,000 gifts

K-State students have given 43,000 gifts toward helping other students. Read more.

Helwig Farms Quarter-Scale Tractor Team 
Maggie Nightingale: Leaving a Legacy

Maggie Nightingale devoted her time to volunteer and make an impact on people’s lives. Read more.

Helwig Farms Quarter-Scale Tractor Team 
Supporting K-State's Quarter-Scale Tractor Team

When the Helwigs were searching for ways to invest their harvest proceeds, creating a gift of grain and charitable remainder trust with K-State proved most efficient. Read more.

Bill and Debbie Leckron-Miller and Charlene Lake: Launching new JMC honors program

Alumni gifts launch new honors program at K-State's A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Read more.

Doug and Vicki Hill and Edward Jones: Selling success

K-State couple and Edward Jones contribute $2 million total to award-winning sales program. Read more.

Munson Simu 
Michelle Munson and Serban Simu: Investing in Faculty

Michelle Munson and Serban Simu create awards to retain and recruit the best and brightest. Read more.

Jim Latham and Howard Attarian: Honoring fellow Thunderbirds

Jim Latham and Howard Attarian create a scholarship for students enrolled in the Department of Aerospace. Read more.

Tom and Vera Hintz: Creating a brighter future

Tom and Vera Hintz create a scholarship and demonstrate their passion for helping students. Read more.

Susan Williams: Striving for excellence

Susan Williams establishes award in hopes of enhancing opportunities at K-State. Read more.

Gib and Brenda Compton: Setting the Bar High

Comptons receive Kansas State University Medal of Excellence in recognition of their service. Read more.

von Waaden 
Dennis and Sally von Waaden: The Business of Inspiring Success

Scholarships benefit graduates of Washington County, Manhattan high schools majoring in business at K-State. Read more.

Charlie and Rebecca Claar: Supporting excellence

Charlie and Rebecca Claar help ensure the success of students in and out of the classroom. Read more.

Above and Beyond

Building on momentum, Kansas State University extends campaign to raise $1.4 billion by 2020. Read more.

Glen and Sara Carnrick: A gift of appreciation 

Glen and his wife Sara Carnrick show their gratitude to K-State through a gift to the Division of Biology. Read more.

Bill and Margaret Garrett: Preserving the experience 

Bill and his wife Margaret Garrett created a scholarship for the history department in the college of Arts and Science. Read more.

David Jennings: Inspiring persistence 

David Jennings created the Jennings Turning Point Scholarship in honor of his father's accomplishments and love for K-State. Read more.

Bill Barr and Kim Rock: Enhancing the future 

Bill Barr and Kim Rock created a professorship in the pet food industry with hopes of advancing the trade. Read more.

Jan Elsasser and Janelle Phillips: The stronger gift

Jan Elsasser and Janelle Phillips wedding registry asked for donations to the oncology department in honor of former Corgi, Tucker. Read more.

Sunderland Foundation: Academic success 

Sunderland Foundation supports academic success at K-State's College of Engineering. Read more.

Textron Aviation: Elevating education

Textron Aviation invests $100,000 in the College of Engineering at Kansas State University. Read more.

Bob and Diane Patrick: Carrying on the inspiration 

Professorship created to honor former political science professor Orma Linford, and to honor Bob and Diane Patrick's legacy in public service. Read more.

Harold Roberts: Lasting legacy

Former dairy professor Harold Roberts honored through scholarship. Read more.

Mark Schonhoff: Paying it forward

Mark Schonhoff supports the computer science department at K-State. Read more.

Tim and Anne de Noble: Making a Legacy Gift 

Tim and his wife Anne de Noble honor those who have impacted their lives through the College of Architecture. Read more.

Charlie Cole: Enhancing K-State's future 

Charlie and his wife, Jan, established an award for the faculty in the College of Business Administration. Read more.

John Berschied: Supporting graduate education 

John Berschied is helping to create the next generation of scientists. Read more.

welcome center
Marieta Francis: Influencing students

Marieta Francis is influencing students to change the world. Read more.

welcome center
An innovative facility

K-State celebrates opening of Berney Family Welcome Center. Read more.

Sandy Chastan: Supporting the arts  

Sandy Chastan invests in the Purple Masque Theatre after pursuing her lifelong dream of acting. Read more.

Textron Aviation: Modernizing facilities

Textron Aviation makes $150,000 gift to K-State Polytechnic. Read more.

Burns & McDonnell: Professional development 

Burns & McDonnell invests $500,000 in Engineering Hall at Kansas State University. Read more.

Eric Stonestreet: Fighting cancer

K-State alumnus, Eric Stonestreet, supports K-State cancer research. Read more.

An inspiring partnership

David Woods Kemper Veterans Foundation supports the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs at Kansas State University. Read more.

Bruce and Jan Adams: A family's legacy

Family takes comprehensive approach to philanthropy at K-State. Read more.

Tim and Cindy Chadwick: Developing leadership

Responding to industry needs, CEO invests in leadership development at K-State. Read more.

The Huschka family: Developing alumni engagement

Huschka family invests in professional academy, enhances alumni experience. Read more

Merck Animal Health: Investing in preventative education 

Kansas State University advances research and education outreach to address Fatigued Cattle Syndrome. Read more

A bold design

HOK names studio space inside revitalized Seaton Complex. Read more.

Phillips 66 renews support for programs across K-State

Phillips 66 is investing in student organizations, special initiatives and general department funding within the College of Business Administration and College of Engineering. Read more

Joe and Bev Wood: Academic Comeback Award

Unique gift will honor academic perseverance. Read more

Dr. Lyndon and Jerri Boyer: Returning the favor

Alumnus shows gratitude for K-State education through gifts to music, engineering departments. Read more

Jeanette Otto: Honoring family

Scholarships memorialize loved ones. Read more

Dr. Charles Wilson: Establishing long-term commitment 

Estate gift supports multiple areas across campus. Read more

grain science
Frontier Farm Credit: Improving global food systems 

Frontier Farm Credit gift spurs new Global Food Systems secondary major at K-State. Read more

ExxonMobil: Expanding potential

A group of ExxonMobil employees recently took an innovative approach to supporting K-State's new building expansion, Engineering Hall. Read more

APDesign: Making history

$8 million gift marks largest in history of College of Architecture, Planning & Design. Read more

Kipp and Pat Shrack: Building success

K-State alumni invest in Seaton Complex. Read more

Kansas Masonic Foundation
Kansas Masons give $2.5 million to K-State programs

Masons from 220 lodges across Kansas have collectively given $2.5 million to K-state through the Kansas Masonic Foundation. Read more

Curt and Sheryl Frasier: Paying it forward 

Alumni benefit from K-State, pay it forward through estate plan. Read more

Damon and Carrie Hininger: Building success

Alumni advance K-State's strategic goals with investment in faculty. Read more

Student philanthropy, K-State Proud, surpasses $1 million

K-State Proud has raised $1,030,000 and helped more than 520 students in the past ten years. Read more. 

Janet Yoder: Helping dreams take flight

New scholarship honors legacy of mentoring young pilots. Read more. 

Candace Duncan: Creating new opportunities

Husband's memory lives on through gift to support College of Engineering's Phase IV expansion. Read more. 

Jim and Ann Coen: Fueling collaboration

As the next step in their philanthropic plan for K-State, Jim and Ann Coen have named the Coen Family Teaming Room in the Phase IV engineering expansion. Read more. 

Thayne and Leona Kraus: Expanding possibilities

Thayne and Leona Kraus are helping students by supporting the Phase IV facility expansion on the campus that has meant so much to them. Read more

Rodney and Louise Cole: Strike up the band

A former K-State band member and his wife created a scholarship to support brass instrument players at K-State. Read more

Bob and Bunny Broeckelman: Honoring educators

Agriculture education students supported by alumni and former faculty member. Read more

Ben Barnert: Remembering a legacy 

Architecture students build strong futures thanks to scholarship in honor of the late Ben Barnert. Read more

Rand and Patti Berney: A K-State welcome 

K-State's Welcome Center to be named in honor of lead benefactors, Rand and Patti Berney. Read more

Greg and Mamie Case: Turning risk into opportunities

A gift from Greg and Mamie Case is helping tomorrow's risk management leaders. Read more

Mark Chapman: A gift of music

A gift from Cheryl Mellenthin and the late Mark Chapman allows K-State to be named All-Steinway School. Read more

Gib and Brenda Compton: Investing in the future

A Q&A with a generous K-State couple. Read more

Dolese Bros. Company: A visionary gift

A $70 million gift for K-State engineering. Read more

Paul and Sandra Edgerley: A K-State first

Edgerleys establish first endowed deanship at K-State. Read more

Peggy and Gary Edwards: Lifetime of giving 

Peggy and Gary Edwards create an enduring legacy at K-State. Read more

David and Ellie Everitt: Leading change 

Alumni support Berney Family Welcome Center and new leadership initiative. Read more


Dr. Min Kao, of Garmin International, Inc.: Expanding horizons 

Garmin executive gives $1 million to K-State engineering expansion. Read more

John Hager: Living legacy 

Gift honors K-State grad's life. Read more

Carl and Mary Ice: Spirit for giving 

Carl and Mary Ice share their love of K-State through philanthropy. Read more.

Elnita Jezek: Helping students 

K-State alumna's final gift supports business students. Read more.

Jim and Laura Johnson: Giving back

Jim and Laura Johnson inspire K-State with gift benefiting students, faculty and facilities. Read more

William T. Kemper Foundation: Bolstering growth 

Kemper Foundation gives $1 million to Seaton Complex. Read more

Loren Kirkwood: Honoring innovation 

New scholarship honors pioneer of color TV. Read more

Koch Industries, Inc.: Strength in diversity 

Koch industries renews support for diversity, other programs at K-State. Read more

BA building
Stephen and Cathryn Wiltfong Lacy: A gift for tomorrow 

Stephen and Cathryn Lacy provide support for the new home of the College of Business Administration. Read more

Alan and Jan Levin: A gift to build on

K-State couple gives to engineering expansion. Read more

Dale and Marceline Olson: Fueling dreams

Dale Olson and late wife Marceline help make college a reality for students with financial need. Read more

V+H Charitable Foundation: Building Regnier Hall

APDesign Complex expansion plans move forward with multimillion dollar gift from the Regnier family foundation. Read more


Warren and Mary Lynn Staley: Ensuring success

Longtime university supporters establish chair for director of the School of Leadership Studies. Read more


vanier gift
The Jack Vanier family: A gift to inspire 

Jack, Donna, Marty, John and Mary Vanier make largest private gift in K-State history. Read more

Melva J. Zimmerman: Paying it forward 

K-State alumna creates scholarship in arts & sciences. Read more

Jack and Janet Ayres: A giving heart 

K-Staters encourage leadership in philanthropy by giving back. Read more.