Gib and Brenda Compton

A Q&A with a generous K-State couple

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"We give financially in establishing scholarships in programs that are close to our hearts, and we also give our time to others." - The Comptons

What are some of your favorite memories of K-State?

Gib:  I have many memories from K-State. Perhaps the strongest ones come from my lifelong friends from the ATO Fraternity and also classmates in the construction science & management program. I always enjoyed attending basketball games in Ahearn Fieldhouse and waiting in line to try to get the best seat in the student section. Lots of my time was spent with friends at the Rocking K in Aggieville. Midnight runs to Vern’s Doughnuts make for good memories as well.

Brenda:  I also made many memories while at K-State. I attended all the men’s basketball games and all football games in the four years at school except missing one of each. This was the time when Steve Grogan was our quarterback. Lonnie Kruger was a senior during my freshman year, and Chuckie Williams and Mike Evans played in my later years. I made many memories through my first job at Derby Dining Center. I started off as a server and later moved up to a line supervisor. Mrs. Olson was a very patient first boss. I made many lifelong friends while living in Ford Hall. As Gib mentioned, late night caramel long johns at Vern’s Doughnuts were always fun and make for some great memories.

How did you find your career interest?

Gib:  I grew up in Wichita, Kan. My parents purchased rental property when I was in high school with the purpose of using it to help pay for college.I worked on renovating the property on weekends and summers during high school and also throughout college to help pay for expenses. I started as an architecture major but found that I enjoyed using my hands to build rather than draw and design, so a friend suggested the construction science management program to me. I later became president of the student chapter of Associated General Contractors.

Brenda:  I grew up on a farm and went to a very small high school. I had 12 in my graduating class. I always had an interest and enjoyed participating in sports. In the early '70s, the only thing we had to participate in was girls track and volleyball during my junior and senior year. Our home economics teacher was the volleyball coach, and we made our game uniforms in home economics class. We were very out skilled by other teams in the league who had had a program much longer than us. I decided I wanted to be a coach and develop a quality program that encouraged girls to participate and learn good fundamentals in a sport of their choice. I have coached volleyball, basketball, track, softball and soccer over the years. I have not coached for about 10 years now, but I now coach students to do as well as they can while in high school in working with students in our special education program at Clearwater High School.

What helps you continue to feel connected to K-State?

Gib & Brenda:  Our connection to K-State comes from staying very active locally in Wichita by promoting K-State through two organizations. We have been members of a leadership committee for the Wichita Area Alumni Club since 1996. We have also been volunteers for the Wichita Catbacker Club since 1996, while holding the role of co-presidents for the club.

We are both also on various campus committees. Gib has served on the Alumni Board and the Construction Science Advisory Board. He is currently on the Athletic Advisory Council. Brenda is on the Education Advisory Council.

We attend numerous events on campus through the KSU Foundation, Alumni Association and the Athletics Department. We are season ticket holders for football, baseball and men’s and women’s basketball. All of this helps us continue to feel connected and involved with K-State.

What inspires you to give back?

Gib & Brenda:  Neither of our parents attended college, but education was very important to all of them. Both sets of parents worked hard both financially and personally to help provide an opportunity for their children to attend college after high school. For our families, four of the five children attended K-State. The fifth child attended Fort Hays State University but did also get one year of graduate studies at K-State. We appreciate what those years in college provided in life-long lessons, friendships and career opportunities. We cannot thank our parents enough.

Both sets of parents have passed on now. Our “thank you” to them is to provide the same opportunities for others that they provided for us. We give financially in establishing scholarships in programs that are close to our hearts, and we also give our time to others.

What does it feel like to give back?

Gib & Brenda:  We are proud to honor our parents. It feels like a smile and warm hug from each of them, knowing they would be proud of us.


 The Comptons

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