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Many programs and projects on campus need and deserve philanthropic support. Discover one you care about.

Engineering teams foster competitive edge 

One of the most effective ways to prepare students for their professional careers is to offer them opportunities to address real-world challenges before their first post-graduation job begins. K-State’s engineering-related competitive teams offer pre-professional learning opportunities and range from the award-winning Cyber Defense Club to the ambitious concrete canoe team. More than a fun diversion, these teams require students to put theory into practice as they design, fabricate, test and compete against other universities with their inventions and discoveries. Teams often connect disciplines across campus and are essential to students’ gaining a competitive edge in their future workplaces. Your support of hands-on investigative engineering teams not only benefits students, it profits the employers who will soon hire these innovative young professionals. Contact Brett Larson, senior director of development for the College of Engineering, via email or 785-532-7519 to support engineering teams.

Greene Family Insect Zoo Excellence Fund 

Have you buzzed by the K-State Insect Zoo lately to explore the flying, creeping, crawling and pollinating specimens which call the zoo home? The Insect Zoo is housed in the former campus dairy barn, staffed by students who invite you to discover the roles insects have in healthy agriculture, economies and daily life. You’ll encounter scorpions, giant walking sticks, tarantulas and even an active beehive. To help advance the Insect Zoo’s scientific and education mission, Dr. Gerald and Phyllis Greene created the Greene Family Insect Zoo Excellence Fund. This fund can be used for student staff support, a resource the K-State Insect Zoo depends upon in its year-round operation. Contact Drew Goering, development officer for the College of Agriculture, via email or 785-532-7461, to support the insect zoo.

Resolving conflict in a complex world

In a world focused on things, K-State’s College of Human Ecology focuses on people. Within the college’s Conflict Resolution undergraduate, graduate and online studies, the focus is on addressing the complexities of human interaction, community, mutual respect and cooperation. Students in the Conflict Resolution certificate programs represent every college at K-State. They learn to uncover the sources of home, workplace and societal conflicts and how to effectively resolve them. The Conflict Resolution program offers curricula that add value to any program of study and is underwritten — in part — by the Conflict Resolution Excellence Fund. Support of this fund, potentially impacts home, work and community life. To support this program, contact Dana Hunter, director of development for the College of Human Ecology via email or 785-532-7291.


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