As more students from all backgrounds strive to earn a college degree, scholarships have the power to make dreams come true. At Kansas State University, scholarships helped a cancer survivor stay in school; enabled K-State to recruit and retain a Marshall scholar; inspired a military veteran to find a new career helping others; and made it possible for outstanding students with financial need to attend K-State.

We could tell thousands of stories about the power of scholarships. We bring you seven. These stories represent how you, K-State’s generous donors, make dreams come true with your gifts. For this past academic year, K-State students earned nearly 13,700 scholarships, most of which were made possible with private gifts from donors like you. In fact, private dollars for student support, made available to K-State through the KSU Foundation, have doubled in the last seven years alone.

The K-State family is pulling together to make a difference. The result? Extraordinary students are doing extraordinary things when they graduate — or even before they graduate. Opportunities have been seized. Goals are being set and reached. Dreams are coming true.


Scholarship Power