Q: Why is K-State making such
an effort toward diversity
and inclusion on campus?

A: The richness and perspectives that diversity brings to Kansas State University is healthy for the growth of students and the university. Diversity at K-State creates an environment that mirrors the world, bringing different perspectives to problem solving and critical thinking in research and in the classroom.

Diversity is one of the eight common elements that underlie the K-State 2025 vision and goals, which is to be an outstanding model of diversity and inclusion excellence among top 50 public research universities. Diversity is the comparative analysis, different perspectives and richness that each individual at K-State brings to make students and the university stronger.

K-State has many diversity and inclusion initiatives, including the KSUnite movement. Established in November 2017 and celebrated for a second year this October, KSUnite encourages individuals to explore how to develop an inclusive community, have meaningful conversations and respond to healthy discussion.

“K-State is an institution that values and champions the contributions, interests and narratives of diverse cultural and social groups,” said Bryan Samuel, chief diversity and inclusion officer. “We understand and appreciate the importance of professional and career development that ensures inclusion, engagement and empowerment of all members.”

How philanthropy supports diversity and inclusion:

“The first thing employers talk to me about is study abroad. It helps set me apart from other students. When you get immersed in the culture, you have to fend for yourself a little bit. I gained a lot of independence doing that. I’m grateful for the generosity of the K-State family in helping make that possible for me.” – Reagan Kays ’15 graduate in agricultural economics

 Points of pride

*KSU Office of Institutional Effectiveness

**NAFSA: Association of International Educators


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