Q: Why should donors
give to support faculty? 
Aren't they paid by the state?

A: State funds and tuition cover the base salary for K-State faculty and staff.
Private gifts enable K-State to offer more competitive salaries to recruit
and retain outstanding faculty.

According to the Association of Public Land-grant Universities, faculty salaries at K-State are 15 percent lower than that of other APLU institutions.

Despite the lack of competitive faculty wages, K-State is consistently recognized by entities such as the Princeton Review and American Institute for Economic Research as a stand-out, student-focused university. K-State is ranked No. 1 as having the greatest return on investment in higher education in Kansas by SmartAsset for 2018 and by Money Magazine in 2017. K-State’s College of Veterinary Medicine is ranked fourth in the nation’s veterinary schools by nationally published College Magazine, and the College of Agriculture ranks fourth nationally by Niche.com.

How philanthropy supports faculty

Chairs and professorships enable K-State to recruit and retain top-notch faculty by safeguarding funding necessary to keep highly sought-after faculty, which helps to attract outstanding students. These faculty are known to put funds from their award back into supporting their students’ academic experience and toward equipping their classroom and laboratory.

“This is a very important issue that I see and hear colleagues dealing with all over the country. The steady decline in salaries is gutting our education system by subtly encouraging committed and talented faculty to other sectors and universities for better pay. Faculty have to make these decisions if they expect to survive.” – April Petillo, assistant professor, American ethnic studies

K-State faculty

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Absolutely. It is one of the best investments you can make.

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Benefits of research at K-State spread across the United States and the world.

Straight talk: Why is K-State making such an effort toward diversity and inclusion on campus?

The richness and perspectives that diversity brings to Kansas State University is healthy for the growth of students and the university.

Straight talk: Does K-State Athletics take money from the academic budget?

It does not. In fact, K-State Athletics (KSA) is the lone athletic department in the state and one of only eight across the country to operate with no direct university and student funding or state support.

Straight talk: What does state funding support at K-State? And what does philanthropy support?

State funds and tuition cover most salaries and operating expenses at K-State. Private gifts pick up where state support ends, providing a margin of excellence for students, faculty and programs.