Q: What does state funding support at K-State?
And what does philanthropy support?
What is the relationship between State support and tuition at K-State?

A: State funds and tuition cover most salaries and operating expenses at K-State.
Private gifts pick up where state support ends, providing a margin of excellence for students, faculty and programs. Over the past ten years, as state support
has decreased by 32.2%, tuition has increased.

Costs covered by state appropriations and tuition dollars*

*This list is not exhaustive.  

Private donations to K-State are used for:

How you can advance K-State

As donors, you have the ability to make a difference by reversing these trends. Your gifts provide an important margin of excellence, enabling Kansas State University to continue its land-grant mission and tradition of research, education and outreach. You can continue to boldly advance the K-State family by making a gift and sharing the K-State story in your communities.

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Is a college education worth the expense?

Absolutely. It is one of the best investments you can make.

How do I benefit from research conducted at K-State?

Every department across campus conducts research that benefits society.

Why should donors give to support faculty? Aren't they paid by the state?

State funds and tuition cover the base salary for K-State faculty and staff.

Why is K-State making such an effort toward diversity and inclusion on campus?

The richness and perspectives that diversity brings to Kansas State University is healthy for the growth of students and the university.