In ways big and small 

β€œIt is in your hands to make of our world a better one for all.” – Nelson Mandela

Most people want to feel like what they do makes a difference, but it can be daunting when the world is facing big problems like disease, hunger and poverty. As a public land-grant university, Kansas State University is tasked with addressing these problems. In this issue, we share five inspiring stories of K-State students and faculty who are making a difference in big and small ways, addressing global issues through research and helping people one-on-one.

In Ways Big and Small

Cancer detection

A big step in cancer detection

K-State scientists develop devide that detects diseases at their earliest stage. Read More.

Snyder fellows

Growing big leaders

Alumni of the Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows program spread Snyder's legacy throughout communities. Read More.

Powercat Financial

Navigating big decisions

Powercat Financial advisors assist students with life's big financial decisions. Read More.

 drama therapy

A big stage change

Emily Trube, KSU graduate in theater, uses drama therapy to help others. Read More.

 Cats' Cupboard

A big resource

Cat's Cupboard provides food and other necessities to help students succeed. Read More.