Impact Stories

Read how investments from people like you are making an impact through the Innovation and Inspiration Campaign, advancing Kansas State University's strategic plan to become a top 50 public research university by 2025.

Cats Cupboard COVID response
Making every dollar count

Cats' Cupboard, K-State's food pantry, helps Wildcats during COVID-19. Read more.

Engineers Without Borders
Engineering a sustainable future

Engineers Without Borders students travel to Guatemala to complete service projects. Read more.

Student Access Center
Advocating and providing for students, on and off campus

The Student Access Center continues to serve students amid coronovirus. Read more.

Gift of Life
Gift of Life

K-State Gift of Life Club is allowing more students to help save lives. Read more.

Althoff Yates
Lizbeth Slinkman
Sharing a love for the arts

Theater scholarship supports current students, continues legacy of K-State graduate. Read more.

Kayley B
Pushing boundaries in entrepreneurship and agriculture

A K-Stater finds new ways to change the world, with the help of scholarships. Read more.

baseball players
Stunning revelation

K-State baseball's first look at renovated Tointon Stadium. Read more.

Tom Phillips
Sparking change in unexpected avenues 

Endowed professor digs deep in the world of pest management. Read more.

Janet Brubaker
Good Plan: Best for Birds

A Wildcat’s passion leads to support for avian medicine. Read more.

Good Word: Making K-State history

Carl and Mary Ice honored with naming of college. Read more.

National Geographic
Exploring our backyard

K-State faculty member becomes National Geographic Explorer, teaching minorities the importance of culture and geography. Read more.

Passion + Purple Sara Wallace
Keeping the voice alive

Wildcat 91.9 and scholarships provide student a chance to make waves in the music business. Read more.

Ag fellows
Big steps

K-State students take on ag policy through innovative program. Read more.

Buser Family Park
Giving a home to K-State soccer

The opening of Buser Family Park reinvented K-State soccer for players, coaches and the community. Read more.

Putting our new Cats first

K-State First program celebrates their 10 years anniversary of adding programs to help students transition to college. Read more.

Pet food
Pet food powerhouse

University pet food program benefits the lives of companion animals near and far.  Read more.

GFS Podcast
Giving people "Something to Chew on" 

K-State's Global Food Systems podcast ponders ways to solve global issues working across disciplines. Read more.

Lily Colburn in The Gambia
Learning internationally

International Service Teams connect students with communities abroad, promoting cultural and self awareness. Read more.

Education pioneers: Call Me MISTER program

Recruiting high-achieving men of color to produce effective teachers in the classroom. Read more.

Gardiner Lecture Series
Let's talk about it

The Henry C. Gardiner Global Food Systems Lecture Series promotes dialogue around complex issues. Read more.

Blake Chance
Serving a greater purpose

Blake Chance used scholarship support and inspiration to create a device that helps farmers. Read more.

Striving for growth and a better world 

Graduate student uses his knowledge of sustainability to create a better tomorrow. Read more.

One step at a time

How scholarships helped bakery science student Sierra McCain advance her passion. Read more.

Combating waste by providing an outlet to reduce it

K-State recycling center works toward a better tomorrow every day. Read more.

Hale First Floor
Home Sweet Hale

Hale opens its newly renovated first floor to the community. Read more.

women build
Building a better community

Alec Hathaway, a K-State undergraduate student, brings together the Manhattan community for Women Build. Read more.

Providing the support for the future of electronics

Keystone Research Scholar is able to look toward the future of electrical engineering with help from donors. Read more.

Building a better world inside and out

International Service Team member Tori Burkhart, makes a difference in the Kenyan culture, as well as her own. Read more.

Becoming a librarian becomes a reality

A recent graduate and Phi Kappa Phi fellow of Kansas State University, ties her interest in rural communities to her dream of becoming a librarian. Read more.

Project IMPACT
Impacting students of all backgrounds

Project IMPACT sets students up for success in the business world. Read more.

Heier Stamm
Rethinking what it means to be an industrial engineer

Keystone Scholar funding helps provide research opportunities to change the world. Read more.

STEM institute students
Teaching STEM to the new generation

STEM Institute provides teaching experience to the students who dedicate their summer to learning.  Read more.

STEM institute
STEM Institute inspires engaged learning

STEM Institute provides college-level learning experience for middle school students.  Read more.

Ashley Walther
Single mom supported by global campus scholarships

Single mother Ashley Walther, finds time to not only work full time but be a full-time student through K-State Global Campus.  Read more.

Engineering ASC
Engineering success one student at a time

The Ike and Letty Evans Academic Success Center provides engineering students with the tools they need to achieve their academic goals.  Read more.

Vet Med Counseling
Saving students, as well as animals

Veterinary medicine counselors go above and beyond for their students as they deal with the stress of the four-year program.  Read more. 

pre-dentistry KS Mission of Mercy
Creating smiles, changing lives

Members of K-State's Pre-Dental Club volunteer at Kansas Mission of Mercy.  Read more.

HE Study Abroad
Teaching from the brain, learning from the heart

College of Human Ecology students reflect on their service trip to Guatemala.  Read more.

The power of one
The power of one

How one K-Stater paved the way for her family to create opportunities for themselves and others.  Read more.

Strengthening K-State and the Kansas economy
Strengthening K-State and the Kansas economy

K-State Office Park brings corporate and technical partners to campus, creating opportunities for economic growth.  Read more.

In ways big and small
In ways big and small

How K-Staters are changing the world.  Read more.

A big step in cancer detection
A big step in cancer detection

K-State scientists develop device that detects diseases at their earliest stages.  Read more.

Growing big leaders
Growing big leaders

Alumni of the Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows program spread Snyder's legacy throughout communities.  Read more.

Powercat Financial
Navigating big decisions

Powercat Financial advisors assist students with life's big financial decisions.  Read more.

A big stage change
A big stage change

Emily Trube, KSU graduate student in theater, uses drama therapy to help others.  Read more.

A big resource
A big resource

Cats' Cupboard provides food and other necessities to  help students succeed.  Read more.

All In for K-State
Good Work: One cause. One day. All In for K-State

Wildcats come together to support one project, taking it from start to flourish.  Read more.

Good Work: National recognition
Good Work: National recognition

KSU Foundation's Board of Directors honored for exceptional leadership to K-State.  Read more.

Heart of a champion
Heart of a champion

Scholarship help veterinary student follow her passion.  Read more.

Good Plan: Fashioning a legacy
Good Plan: Fashioning a legacy

In honor of his wife, Dick Rees connects to K-State through vintage clothing.  Read more.

Good Word: Voices of gratitude
Good Word: Voices of gratitude

As the cost of earning a college education is carried more by students and their families, financial support to assist students earn a degree is vital.  Read more.

Good Ideas: Make a difference today
Good Ideas: Make a difference today

Many programs and projects on campus would benefit from philanthropic support. Discover one you care about.  Read more.

Barrier-Free Theatre

K-State Theatre offers opportunity for community to create and perform original theaterRead more.

Drama therapy
Drama therapy in Manhattan

K-State drama therapy students reach out to community as part of programRead more.

Alternative Textbook
Alternative textbooks save students money

K-State, K-State Libraries and the KSU Foundation worked together to alleviate the cost of student resources by creating the Open/Alternative Textbook InitiativeRead more.

Masonic Foundation
Lifting up Kansas communities

The Kansas Masonic Foundation partners with three K-State programs to advance communitiesRead more.

Larry and Laurel Erickson
Good Plan: Investing in tomorrow

Larry and Laurel Erickson help current and future K-StatersRead more.

Hale Library Help Desk
Good Shot: Vital then, vital now

#HelpForHale keeps vital resources available for studentsRead more.

Your questions answered
Straight talk

Answering your questions about K-State and philanthropyRead more.

Students on campus
K-State research
Diversity and inclusion
K-State faculty
K-State athletics
K-State budget
Kansas Board of Regents
Good Word: Supporting higher education in Kansas

The Kansas Board of Regents asks legislature to restore funding to state universitiesRead more.

Kansas State University Foundation
Good Work: Inspiring and guiding philanthropy

How KSU Foundation maximizes your generosityRead more.

Kansas State Collage of Business
Good Ideas: Make a difference today

Support K-State through these programs and projectsRead more.

Poly Impact
Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus students take flight

Thanks to the generosity and cooperation of K-State alumni, friends and donors, these students are leading the way for K-Staters to follow their flight. Read more.

First generation office helps keep students on the right path to a college education

K-State’s first generation office for student success works with students to guide them and connect them to campus resources available. Read more.

K-State architecture and landscape architecture students getting real world experience

Students work with high school freshmen to design a new successful learning environment Read more.

Good Work, scholarships explained
Good Work: Scholarships Explained

KSU Foundation inspires and guides donor generosity. Read more.

Good Plan, tractor teams and dream machines
Good Plan: Tractor teams & dream machines

Carl and Melinda Helwig transform K-State's quarter-scale tractor team. Read more.

Scholarship Power
Scholarship Power

An introduction to seven inspiring stories on how scholarships changed lives. Read more.

Rachel Niehart
Rachael Niehart '10, family studies and human services

“I felt the support of the entire K-State community rally around me.” Read more.

Garrett Wilkinson
Garrett Wilkinson, senior in nutritional sciences and microbiology

“My passion is centered around a moral ambition to alleviate suffering in people …” Read more.

Ann-Marie Kennedy
Ann-Marie Kennedy '17, social work

“Because of my K-State education … I am still dreaming and pursuing education.” Read more.

Sam Brinton
Sam Brinton '11, nuclear engineering and music

"This will be a place where LGBTQ students are going to be welcomed." Read more.

Dr. Bill Hsu
Dr. Bill Hsu, professor of computer science

"I would like to help my students find as much opportunity as they've given me." Read more.

Danielle Rengifo
Daniuschka Rengifo, freshman in architecture

"My main goal is to graduate and help others do the same." Read more.

Thomas Anjard
Thomas Anjard, senior in industrial engineering

"I thought about what I could do on campus to make a change."Read more.

Good ideas
Good ideas: Make a difference today

Support K-State through these programs and projects. Read more.

Dan and Beth Bird, Medal of Excellence Awardees
Dan and Beth Bird Awarded Kansas State University Medal of Excellence

K-State recognized Dan and Beth Bird for their extraordinary service to the university. Read more.

A piece of history

Mike Hankins created a window display in ROTC, sharing Bruce Adams’ family’s military history. Read more.

Band Truck
A lasting inspiration

K-State alumnus, Eric Stonestreet, gifted The Pride of Wildcat Land a new box truck. Read more.

Trustee Mentoring
Donors help land $1 million grant for Kansas State University

With support from donors, K-State researchers are awarded funding for agricultural work with Project Mercy in EthiopiaRead more.

Trustee Mentoring
Good Work: Trustee Mentoring

More than a good idea, a path to friendshipRead more.

Good Plan: Love of the Land

Kansas farmer secures new purpose for his land. Read more.

excellence funds
Good For All: The Margin of Excellence

How your gifts help make K-State extraordinaryRead more.

A Bold Experiment
A Bold Experiment

Land-grant institutions increase educational opportunities for allRead more.

Rural Grocery Initiative
4-h verde clovers
Small Town Studio
Beef Cattle Institute
Marianna Kistler Beach Muesum of Art
Center on Aging
Chapman Center for Rural Studies
Kansas Pride
Institute for the health and security of military families
Huck Boyd
campaign extension
Katelyn Bohnenblust

With the help of a scholarship, Katelyn Bohnenblust spends her summer educating others across the state about water conservation. Read more.

campaign extension
Above and Beyond

Going the extra mile for K-State. Read more.

K-State Proud
A Matter of Pride

K-State Proud participants twice as likely to give to the university after graduation. Read more.

Gifts of grain
A Gift that Grows

Donations of grain fuel K-State's future. Read more.

Excellence Funds
A Critical Tool

Excellence funds provide vital flexibility. Read more.

Extraordinary Service

Couple awarded K-State medal of excellence. Read more.

Above and beyond
Above and Beyond

See how your generosity helps K-State go above and beyond the ordinary to the EXTRAORDINARY. Read more.

K-State First
Connecting the K-State Family

Going above and beyond to provide community to freshmen. Read more.

Risky Business

Going above and beyond to give students an academic edge in risk management. Read more.

A Wildcat welcome

Going above and beyond for future students and their families. Read more.

Career Center
A Successful Send-off

Going above and beyond to help K-Staters land the job. Read more.

Make a difference
Make a Difference Today

Programs and projects worth supporting. Read more.

YALI 2016 class
Young African Leaders

K-State hosts young leaders from sub-Saharan Africa. Read more.

The Freedom Papers

K-State students translate WWII-era letters from Charles de Gaulle. Read more.

K-State Office Park Phase 2
Developing the future

The Kansas State University Foundation is expanding the K-State Office Park. Read more.

KSU Foundation Board of Trustees
Advocates, ambassadors and investors

The KSU Foundation Board of Trustees gives time, treasure and energy to advance K-State. Read more.

Shirley Jacobson
Fulfilling a dream

Shirley Jacobson honors her family's music legacy by supporting K-State students. Read more

Library Computer Desks
Inside excellence funds

Excellence funds provide vital flexibility. Read more

K-State Heroes
K-State Heroes

An introduction to K-State Heroes: Ordinary K-Staters doing extraordinary thingsRead more

Champions of Nature
The Champions of Nature

Providing beauty and education to K-State students and visitors. Read more

Mobile Crusaders
The Mobile Crusaders

Saving homeless animals and training future vets. Read more

Cost Cutters
The Cost Cutters

Attacking affordability through free textbooks. Read more

The Pathfinders

Empowering young women to pursue and succeed in STEM fields. Read more

Make a difference today

Programs and projects worth supporting. Read more

Making an impact abroad

Former K-State basketball player brings affordable medicine to Africa. Read more

An innovative approach 

Faculty Development Initiative takes a new approach to developing tomorrow's leaders. Read more

Re-imagining design

Students' designs give prosthetics a new look. Read more

Continuing a legacy 

Dr. Daniel Kuester holds the Roger Trenary Chair of Economics. Read more

Global education

Learning about the Middle East in the Midwest. Read more

Expanding relationships

Successful K-State program expanding across the world. Read more

Farewell, First Family

K-State's positive momentum set in motion during Schulz presidency. Read more

Philanthropic milestones

Reflecting on K-State 2025 and the Schulz era at K-State. Read more

Art of science 

Why a glassblower gives research an edge at K-State. Read more

A personal mission

Grandmother inspires student researcher. 
Read more

A proud partnership 

Newlyweds encourage gifts to K-State Proud. Read more

Innovative research

Finding ways to make cancer treatment less toxic and more effective. Read more

Inspiring opportunities 

Scholarship empowers student to give community a fresh look. Read more

Innovative outreach

Engineering students work to restore homes and historic landmarks. Read more

Inspiring education

K-State alumni honor family, pay it forward with scholarship. Read more

Inspired by sacrifice 

New scholarship honors wounded warriors at K-State. Read more

Philanthropy helps student teams soar

The College of Engineering's student competition teams have a record of success. Read more

More than a number

Learning environment, student programs emphasize K-State's quality education.
Read more

Inspiring persistence

Brian Rohleder finds success at K-State. Read more

Launch in McCain
Making history, inspiring the future

Fundraising progress fuels excitement for campaign. Read more

A graduate's story

Former student body president reflects on the power of a study abroad scholarship. Read more

Tent on Anderson Lawn
Ten years of giving

K-State Proud and the All-University Campaign share their impact on K-State. Read more

Yubisela Toledo 

Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leadership Scholarship inspires student to pay it forward. Read more

Michael Zuniga

A philanthropic gift helps a first generation student achieve his dreams. Read more

Greg Eiselein
Greg Eiselein

The Coffman Chair for University Distinguished Teaching Scholars helps professor launch new program. Read more

Rebecca Jenkins

A gift of philanthropy enables student to explore new opportunities.  Read more

Darrington Clark

Scholarship helps student stay in school. Read more

Mike Wesch and students
Michael Wesch 

Professor creates unique research opportunity for students. Read more

Join us
Join us

A letter from the campaign co-chairs. Read more

Kicking off greatness
Kicking off greatness

KSU Foundation President and CEO Greg Willems reflects on the campaign kick off. Read more

Value added 

Endowed positions enhance research and teaching. Read more

Burton - flight team
Flying high

Student team support instills life skills. Read more

Chapman-Mellenthin windows
Illuminating success

Renovations help preserve 'Harry Potter Room'. Read more

Goss scholarship receipients
Global citizens

K-Stater Mike Goss establishes scholarships and helps students' global interests take flight. Read more

Harris scholarship recipient
Scholarship creates ripple of change

Alumni couple create scholarship for future teachers. Read more

Humbert scholarship recipient
A gift of perspective

Endowed scholarship allows student to see the world. Read more

mobile surgical unit
A paw up

Donor's generosity provides care for shelter animals and opportunity for K-State veterinary students. Read more

Morse - bookmobile
Mobilizing change

Scholarship supports student's community service. Read more

Wilcoxon scholarship recipient
A chance to rise

Scholarship supports College of Education students during their student-teaching semester. Read more