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Voices of Gratitude

As the cost of earning a college education is carried more by students and their families, financial support to assist students earn a degree is vital. Scholarship help students defray the cost of tuition, books and fees, and provide them the opportunity to take advantage of opportunities that enhance their experience and expand their worldview.

“This scholarship has impacted me in ways I would have never thought possible. Being able to travel to Guatemala and do a service learning education abroad experience has changed my life forever. I have a greater understanding and appreciation for the world we live in and the people in it. This experience probably never would have been possible for me without this scholarship. Knowing that my being able to go was a gift makes the experience all the more special and makes me cherish every second of it. Thank you so much for this scholarship, and thank you for helping to change my life for the better.”

Amanda Brown, senior in dietetics from Leawood, Kansas, received the Hildegard Knopp International Experience Scholarship.

Amanda Brown

“Through your foundation, I am able to be financially stable for my time at Kansas State University, which allows me to focus more on my academics and future career path. Recently, I switched my major to pre-nursing. I received a kidney transplant in July 2018, and my experience with the University of Kansas Health System and their nursing staff’s genuine care and compassion toward their patients helped me decide on this major. I chose K-State because I heard of the many options it has for career paths and how helpful faculty are with getting to know their students one-on-one. I have seen this come to life this last semester, as many people I know helped me keep on track during recovery and were, in a sense, extended family to me. It is because of your foundation that I am able to attend this university, and I cannot thank you enough.”

Aspen McElderry, sophomore in kinesiology and pre-nursing from Salina, Kansas, received the Dane G. Hansen Foundation Scholarship.

Apsen McElderry

“I would like to express my sincere thanks for giving me the opportunity to study at Kansas State University. I am from a rural, poor farm family in Nepal. Since my childhood, I have known that the United States is the best place for getting a quality, practical education. But, it is very difficult for a student from a less-developed country like Nepal to pay the tuition. Now my dream is fulfilled because of your financial support. After the completion of my study, I will go back to Nepal and provide services to my country and the rural poor by applying the advanced knowledge and experience I acquired in the U.S. I appreciate you because your financial support not only built my professional career, but it is also going to improve the livelihood of thousands of rural farmers in Nepal.”

Rudra Baral, master’s student in agricultural economics from Morang, Nepal, received the Tim Lim Agricultural Economics Scholarship.

Rudra Baral

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