Video Gallery

KSU Foundation on Vimeo showcases the impact of philanthropy at K-State.

College of Agriculture: Maria Martinez

Scholarships help student study agriculture at Kansas State University. 

Innovation and Inspiration: Inspired by Research

Philanthropic gifts help Kansas State University advance toward becoming a top 50 public research university by 2025. 

Innovation and Inspiration Launch: Recap

The $1 billion Innovation and Inspiration Campaign will help carry the banner high for this generation of K-Staters, and many more to come. 

blue angels 
Innovation and Inspiration: Lt. Andrew Talbott, Blue Angels

A former Kansas State University student achieves his dreams. 

College of Agriculture: Wild4Ag

Scholarships support research in the College of Agriculture. 

Innovation and Inspiration: Kansas State University, Biosecurity Institute 

Philanthropic gifts support the Kansas State University Biosecurity Institute. 

why i give week 
K-State Student Foundation: Why I Give Week

Kansas State University's Student Foundation fueled by philanthropy. 

why i give week 
Kansas State University: University Programs

University Programs advanced through philanthropic gifts. 

Innovation and Inspiration Launch: Rebecca Jenkins

Philanthropy helps economics senior study social entrepreneurship. 

Innovation and Inspiration Launch: Brian Rohleder

Scholarship helps basketball star shine.

Innovation and Inspiration Launch: Michael Wesch

Philanthropy enables professor to create unique research opportunity for students. 

Innovation and Inspiration Launch: Yubisela Toledo and Michael Zuniga

Students achieve their dreams at Kansas State University. 

Innovation and Inspiration Launch: Dr. Ralph Richardson

Professor helps students succeed through philanthropy. 

Innovation and Inspiration Launch: Reagan Kays

A study abroad scholarship enriches students academic experience. 

Innovation and Inspiration Launch: Darrington Clark

Scholarships help student stay in school. 

Innovation and Inspiration Launch: Dr. Gregory Eiselein

The Coffman Chair for University Distinguished Teaching Scholars helps professor launch new program. 

Innovation and Inspiration: Volunteer appreciation evening

Volunteers help push Kansas State University forward. 

thank you 
Innovation and Inspiration is coming 

Philanthropic support helps drive the future of Kansas State University. 

Carl and Mary Ice: Giving Back

Generosity helps the College of Engineering expand. 

The Pride of the Wildcat Land 

Scholarships support the Kansas State University Marching Band. 

College of Engineering: Dolese Bros. Co. 

Corporate partnerships help the College of Engineering succeed. 

Kansas State University College of Engineering: Phase IV

New learning environments become a reality through philanthropy. 

Endowed Faculty Chairs and Professorships at Kansas State University 

Endowed positions enhance research and teaching. 

welcome center 
Kansas State University: Welcome Center Name Reveal

The Welcome Center named after lead benefactors, Rand and Patti Berney.